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City Clerk

  1. General Liability Incident (Claims) Report
  2. Open Records Request

    This form is required to request public information in the City of Fairburn.

  1. Open Record Request

Code Enforcement

  1. Tree Removal or Destruction Permit Application

    This form is required in Fairburn for those wanting to remove or destroy any tree having a caliper of six (6) inches or more which is... More…

Contact Us

  1. Contact Us
  1. Report a Problem

    If you have a request or problem, please submit your request to the Engineering & Public Works Director. You may use the contact form... More…

Court Services

  1. COVID-19 Court Proceedings Plea Recommendation

    This form is to be used by individuals desiring to resolve their cases without appearing physically in front of the Judge.

  1. Online Municipal Court Submittal Form

    Use this form to ask questions, If you have concerns, or to submit documentation to the court.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Shade Structure - Ticket Reservation

    Please use this form when renting a shaded structure in the pool area and needing to reserve pool tickets. • Please note that tickets... More…

  2. Volunteer Coach
  1. Virtual Online Survey

Police Department

  1. Police Department Complaint / Commendation

    Every person who encounters a Fairburn Police Officer has the right to expect that the officer will be professional, courteous and... More…

  1. Police Department House Watch Form

    Going out of town? Did you know that the police department offers a house watch service? Officers will check the perimeter of your... More…

Sr Leadership & Administration Dept

  1. Office of the City Administrator Meeting Request

    Use this form when requesting to meet with the City Administrator

  1. Office of the Mayor Meeting Request

    Use this form when requesting to meet with the Mayor.